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Regen Autonomy

29 July 2022 - 4 September 2022

Curator: Guy Ritani

Location: Main Gallery

Regen Autonomy, the combination of Regenerate (verb) to bring new and more vigorous life; and, Autonomy (noun) the right or condition of self-government.

In activist spaces, the goal is to combine collective efforts in order to achieve systemic change in policy, decision-making, investment and resource dispersal. In activist spaces, we gather together because these things tend largely to be outside our direct control⁠—this is a viable top-down systemic approach when our core needs are met and we are able to regenerate ourselves.

Co-curated with Guy Ritani, this exhibition is an expression of a 2-week program tangibly uplifting regenerative culture within marginalised communities. Regen Autonomy presents an intersection of arts and activism supporting the direct micro-changes that individuals and communities require to disengage from degenerative over-systems. In doing so, the exhibition builds resources, resilience and stability within the autonomous control of these individuals and communities.

Original Text from Incinerator Gallery's Website:

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